Universal challenges us to a Duel

As the Spielberg masterpiece E.T. is about to come back to theaters, Universal Studios Home Entertainment is finally prepared to release the acclaimed directors first full length film on a Collector’s Edition DVD. Known to many only as “that awesome movie with the truck”, it is known to film lovers as Duel.

On a deserted stretch of California highway, businessman David Mann (Dennis Weaver) settles into his red Valiant for the long drive to an urgent meeting. Ahead of him on the road is a slow-moving diesel truck, which David innocently decides to pass. So begins the long duel between David and the Goliath-like rig in this nerve-wracking TV movie directed by Steven Spielberg. Menacing David at every twist and turn of the highway, the truck tries to push the Valiant onto a train track, run David down in a phone booth, engage him in a high-speed chase, and tailgate him into oblivion. Hoping to lose the rig, David stops at a roadside café only to realize that the driver of the truck is also in the restaurant. The driver is never seen, except one shot of his beefy arm waving the Valiant ahead into oncoming traffic.

“Duel” is presented in its original fullscreen aspect ration with mono audio. The disc will contain some nice features for the film including the Featurette “Making of Duel”, Production Stills, an Interview with Steven Spielberg and DVD-ROM content.

Coming on May 21st, the film will be priced at $19.98, but you can already preorder this Collector’s Edition release at Shop In Digital at the unbeatable low price of only $13.99! What are you waiting for?

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