Universal brings the Legend to life

After a year of delays, the Ridley Scott fairy tale Legend will be coming as a two disc special edition from Universal Studios Home Entertainment.br>
In this classic fantasy/adventure, pure good and foulest evil will soon battle to the death. Set amid a timeless mythical forest inhabited by fairies, goblins and other magical folk is the story of Jack, a forest dweller who lives in solitude and harmony with the animals of the wood…including Unicorns, who are key to keeping light alive and evil at bay. Chosen by fate to undertake a heroic quest, Jack must brave a host of terrors to not only save his true love — a beautiful princess named Lili — from the clutches of the demonic Lord of Darkness, but also rescue a captive unicorn…or the world will be plunged into a never-ending ice age where the dawn never comes and evil reigns supreme.

Like nearly all Ridley Scott films, there are more versions of “Legend” than you can shake a stick at, the 94 minute European cut, an 89 minute American cut, and the brand new two hour directors cut The new DVD release will feature both the directors cut with the original Jerry Goldsmith score as well as the American release with a Tangerine Dream soundtrack. Both versions of the film is presented in anamorphic widescreen and the longer cut will feature a newly mixed Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS audio tracks while the American cut will feature a Dolby Surround 2.0 track. Disc one will contain the longer cut accompanied by an audio commentary with director Ridley Scott. Disc two carries the shorter version with an isolated musical score. Also on disc two are a documentary titled “Creating a Myth: The Making of Legend”, two deleted scenes; “Four Goblins” and “The Faerie Dance”, storyboards, photo galleries, the Bryan Ferry “Is Your Love Strong Enough?” music video, trailers and TV spots and DVD-ROM content, including the original screenplay.

This pretty impressive package was a long time coming, but looks like a great deal, coming on May 21st, “Legend” will have a $24.98 suggested retail price. You can now preorder this DVD at Shop In Digital for only $17.49!

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