Snow Dogs shows up on DVD

The time has come. Serious film collectors who feel “The Godfather Collection” doesn’t quite complete their DVD collection can rest at last. Buena Vista Home Entertainment ‘s magnum opus Snow Dogs is coming to DVD this May.

When Miami dentist Ted Brooks finds out that he’s been named in a will, he travels to Alaska to claim his inheritance. Once there, however, his dreams turn to mush when he discovers he’s been left a mischievous team of sled dogs — Demon, Nan, Diesel, Scooper, Yodel, Sniff, Mack, and Duchess — who’ve got it in for him! Making matter even worse is the crusty mountain man Thunder Jack, who’s also got it in for the city slicker. Wanting to claim the dogs for himself, Jack urges Ted to hotfoot it back to warmer climates. As Ted’s life goes to the dogs, Thunder Jack becomes a real challenge and Ted vows to learn to mush, no matter what it takes.

Coming on May 21st, “Snow Dogs” can be yours for only $29.99.

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