Memento returns as a special edition DVD

Despite the fact that the film came away from the Oscars empty-handed, Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment still has pride in the independent thriller Memento. The film is getting re-released in May as a two-disc DVD set.

Leonard is an insurance investigator whose memory has been damaged following a head injury he sustained after intervening on his wife’s murder. He can now only live a comprehendable life by tatooing notes on himself and taking pictures of things with a Polaroid camera. The movie is told in reverse – as Leonard’s memories come to him. Leonard badly wants revenge for his wife’s murder. However, there may be little point if he won’t remember to enjoy his revenge.

So far no information is available on the DVD save the fact that it will be presented in anamorphic widescreen with audio in Dolby Digital 5.1. The new set will likely carry all the features of the original DVD.

On May 21st, the mystery begins again when “Memento” comes to stores again with a $24.95 MSRP. The set is available now at Shop in Digital for $18.17.

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