Disney raises the bar with Monsters Inc.

As promised, the new specs for the upcoming DVD of Pixar’s latest gem Monsters Inc. are in, and they are well beyond the scope of a typical special edition. The folks at Buena Vista Home Entertainment have prepared a lusciously loaded two disc set of the movie aimed to please both film buffs and families.

The first disc contains the film presented in both anamorphic widescreen and recomposited fullscreen formats. The audio will be available in Dolby Digital 5.1 EX sound and will be accompanied by a second Dolby Digital EX sound effects only track. A third audio track will feature audio commentary with director Pete Docter, co-director Lee Unkrich, executive producer John Lasseter and executive producer and screenwriter Andrew Stanton.

But the real goodies begin on disc two. The beginnings of the disc contain some nice features including outtakes including “Company Play”, a performance of “Put That Thing Back Where It Came From Or So Help Me” written, choreographed, produced, directed and catered by Mike Wazowski, the Oscar nominated animated short “For the Birds”, a musical featurette “If I Didn’t Have You” Performed by Billy Crystal and John Goodman, a sneak peak of the upcoming Pixar film Finding Nemo.

The rest of the disc is smartly separated into two worlds; Monster World aimed at family entertainment, and Himan World for the film buff. Monster World is highlighted by Welcome to Monsters Inc., an interactive guide to the world of Monstropolis separated into the following sections, Welcome To Monsters, Inc., Your First Day, History of the Monster World – How Monsters Evolved, Employees’ Handbook Menu Screens, Your Fellow Employees, Hazard I.D. Symbols, Repetitive Scare Injury, C.D.A. (Child Detection Agency), Contamination Safety Check & Alert Procedures, The Cafeteria, Top 10 Ways To Get Fired, Sample Scare Report, Gain 10,000 Pounds, Personals, Monster of the Month Awards and Scarer Cards — Fun-Filled Facts About All The Monsters. The rest of the monster section includes special animation created for the DVD including “Mike’s New Car”, Monsters, Inc. TV TreatsBoo’s Door Game, Disney/Pixar Storytime, the music featurette “If I Didn’t Have You” Behind the Screams and On The Job With Mike and Sulley.

The Human side of the disc goes behind the scenes and is broken into eight sections.
Go Behind the Scenes and See How MONSTERS, INC. Was Created
: Discover How Computer Animation Works
, See How Monstropolis Was Created
, Animation Gags
, Location Flyarounds
, Never-Before-Seen Tests
, Abandoned Concepts
, Monsters, Inc. Guide to Inside Jokes
Pixar Tour
: Pixar’s Animation Studio
, Take a Tour Through Pixar’s Fabulous Animation Studio, Where the Animation Comes To Life
From Story to Storyboard
: Story Is King
, Monsters Are Real
, Original Treatment
, Story Pitch
, Abandoned Concepts
, Original Opening
, Storyboard To Film Comparison
Monster Files
: Cast of Characters
, What Makes A Great Monster?
, Character Design
: Monstropolis
, Setting the Scene
, Color Scripts
, Location Flyarounds
, Monstropolis Art Gallery
, Guide to “In Jokes”
: The Animation Process
, Early Tests
, Opening Title Animation
, Shots Department
, Master Lighting
, Production Demonstration
Music and Sound Design
: Monster Songs includes “If I Didn’t Have You”
, Mixing Demo
, Binaural Recording
, Sound Design
Theatrical Release
: Premiere
, Theatrical Teaser
, Theatrical Trailer #1
, Theatrical Trailer #2
, TV Spots
, International Elements
, Toys
, Posters

When the disc shows up on September 17th, it will carry a suggested retail price of only $29.99.

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