Columbia TriStar discovers a Dark Blue World

Renowned Czechoslovakian director Jan Sverak is perhaps best known for his dark war quasi-war film Dark Blue World. Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment is preparing a rather attractive special edition of the film for release this May.

In 1950 , at the height of the Cold War in Communist-ruled Czechoslovakia, Franta Slama (Ondrej Vetchy), a man in his early 40s, is confined to a labor camp as an “enemy of the people.” Slama is an ex RAF (Royal Air Force) Czech pilot who flew against the Czech government during World War II. The new totalitarian Communist regime deemed him contaminated by Western Ideals of democracy and freedom. As such, he has become a potential threat to the State. We flashback to March 1939, just before world peace is irredeemably shattered. Franta congratulates his prot’g’, fresh faced young trainee pilot Karel Vojtisek (Krystof Hadek) for passing his flying test. Soon afterwards, Franta and Karel escape Nazi-occupied Czechoslovakia and reach England where they join the RAF. Soon, both men fall in love with the same woman, Susan (Tara Fitzgerald). For Karel, Susan is his first love and the conflicts of love and war ultimately test the men’s friendship to its limit.

Presented in anamorphic widescreen and fullscreen the film has a Dolby Digital 5.1 mix of its original Czech with optional English subtitles. The disc also includes an audio commentary, “Making-Of” documentary, “Making-Of” Visual Effects, a photo montage, the Aerial Symphony, theatrical trailers, filmographies and production notes.

Coming to DVD on May 28th, “Dark Blue World” be priced at $29.95.

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