Agnes of God is coming

Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment’s 1986 release of Agnes of God raised quite a controversy. Sixteen years later, the film is still a powerful look into the many aspects of life that are often kept private. The film will make its debut on DVD this May.

Based on the controversial Broadway play by John Pielmeyer, who also wrote the film’s script, “Agnes of God” galvanized audiences with its story of a young nun who gives birth to a baby she claims was an immaculate conception. The baby is found dead, resulting in an investigation by secular psychologist Martha Livingston who is immediately at odds with the protective Mother Superior – and who is determined to uncover the truth about the infant’s death.

Although not bundled with features, “Agnes of God” will be a solid DVD with a fullscreen and new anamorphic widescreen transfer as well as its original Dolby 2-Channel audio.

Priced at $24.95, the DVD will be released on May 21st.

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