Warner Music celebrates The Blues Brothers

There have been many great musical acts in the twentieth century, both real and fictional, and one that rode the fine line between. Warner Music is preparing a new DVD of some of the highlights of the band that traded a Cadillac for a microphone, The Blues Brothers. More than a collection of music videos, The Blues Brothers: The Best of the Blues Brothers is a loving look back at the band that rose from Saturday Night Live gimmick to blues icons.

Writer Tom Davis hosts a Blues Brothers retrospective that tells the whole truth about the legendary band’s early days and righteous ways. The Blues Brothers were an unforgettable part of Saturday Night Live’s golden era, making their musical debut in bee costumes singing “I’m a King Bee,” and becoming an overnight sensation. Switching to hats and shades inspired by John Lee Hooker, they combined classic Chicago Blues with Stax-Volt R&B to create a sound all their own. Their first album, Briefcase Full of Blues, when double-platinum and led quickly to their hit movie and milestone soundtrack album. The rest is history, and it’s all here in a music-filled, memory-blasting account of a band that will always be on a mission from God. The songs include I’m a King Bee, I’ve Got Everything I Need (Almost), Can’t Turn You Loose, B-Movie Boxcar Blues, Soul Man, Messin’ with the Kid, Groove Me, Flip, Flop & Fly, I Don’t Know, Hey, Bartender, Jailhouse Rock, Rubber Biscuit, Shotgun Blues and Soul Man (Alternate Version).

Although the video is presented in its original fullscreen, the audio has been souped-up to Dolby Digital 5.1. In addition to the songs, the disc will also contain a Blues Brothers discography and Blues Brothers trivia.

Bring John Belushi and Dan Akroyd into your living rooms on March12th when “The Best of the Blues Brothers” makes its debut for $14.99.

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