Ultimate Fights is coming from FlixMix

In the domain of “Who really needs this?” comes another superfluous release of mashed up trailers and clips. Following the disastrous showing of their previous release “Boogeymen,” FlixMix actually decided to once again dig into consumers’ pockets and continue their series of releases of overpriced trailers.

Ultimate Fights is the title of the next release, scheduled for release in April. It is a compilation of clips and trailers of some of the most infamous action films in Hollywood history, showing you 16 fights from a number of films you have undoubtedly seen already. The features and presentations will be similar to those on the “Boogeymen” release, so you will find trivia facts – hopefully not stating the obvious this time – a “Name that Frame” game and more. The DVD will also contain a commentary track featuring Hong Kong legend Tsui Hark, which may turn out to be the only thing of interest on the entire release, and a featurette called “How Did They Do That” dissecting a fight scene blow-by-blow so that your youngest ones can actually do them at home.

“Ultimate Fights” will be release on April 16 and since FlixMix doesn’t’ seem to have learned a thing, the release will once again will carry a ridiculously overpriced suggested retail price of $19.99. Thanks to Shop In Digital you will be able to buy this disc for only $13.99, but then again, who needs it anyway?

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