Three Men, a Baby, a Little Lady and two DVDs

Touchstone Pictures is bringing two perennial favorites to DVD for the first time. Three Men & A Baby and its sequel Three Men & A Little Lady are both on their way.

Three handsome Manhattan bachelors find their dating and mating rituals irreparably damaged in “Three Men & A Baby”when an unexpected new roommate — complete with crib, pacifier, and dirty diaper — shows up on their doorstep. This bouncing bundle of joy is anything but joyous — until the trio’s hilarious fathering instincts take over and she becomes “Daddy’s Girl” to all three hunks.

The trio continues to bring up baby Mary, who is now an adorably curious 5-year-old in “Three Men & A Little Lady”. All is well until Mary’s mother accepts a marriage proposal and permanently relocates to England — taking Mary with her! The ex-dads quickly discover how empty life is without their little lady, and go to outrageous lengths in their efforts to win her back!

Sadly, no information has surfaced on the precise features or specifications for these discs, but both will be available on DVD on April 2nd with a suggested retail price of $19.99 each.

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