More Disney live action classics in the works

After Disney has established itself as a leader in animated films, the studio tried its hand live action in the fifties and sixties. While most of these films were never financial successes, many have become part of the great Disney film tradition. Four of these titels are coming from Buena Vista Home Video later this summer; Old Yeller, Parent Trap, Pollyanna and Swiss Family Robinson.

Based on the timeless novel, “Old Yeller” finds itself in 1860s Texas where a young boy befriends a lop-eared stray dog, and together they share joyous experiences and learn valuable lessons about growing up.

Hayley Mills plays mischievous twin daughters of a divorced couple in “Parent Trap”. The shenanigans begin when the teenage twins, who have long been separated, meet accidentally for the first time at summer camp.

“Pollyanna” is the orphan who brings sunshine into the lives of everyone she meets. But her strict Aunt Polly is too concerned with appearances, propriety and local politics to appreciate her effervescent niece.

With a shipwreck, the “Swiss Family Robinson” becomes castaways on a lush tropical island. In short order, the industrious Robinsons have constructed a treehouse with all the creature comforts and “utilities” of their home in Switzerland just in time to fight of a hoard of pirates: every little boys dream.

Not much information is available yet on specs or features, but these classics will be ripe for discovery by a new generation when they are released on May 7th. With a suggested retail price of $29.99 each.

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