Dune in June

What is the name you call a two disc special edition re-release? Then that is the name Artisan Home Entertainment will call the new reissue of the Sci-Fi Channel’s miniseries Frank Herbert’s Dune. Originally promised as a special edition and then released as a fairly sparse set, the miniseries is getting the full special edition treatment this summer.

William Hurt stars in this epic presentation of Frank Herbert’s visionary masterpiece of galaxy-spinning intrigue and adventure! In the far future, the remote desert world of Dune becomes the epicenter of a spectacular struggle that will spark a revolution, fulfill an ancient prophecy and forever change the galactic balance of power.

Unlike the initial release, the new set will feature an anamorphic widescreen transfer (in 1.85:1) and audio in both Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS 5.1. Two audio commentaries will be included although the participants on each commentary are unclear. Artisan makes the confusing announcement that author Frnk Herbert will contribute to the commentary despite his death 14 years prior to the series debut. This will possibly be a series of interviews pasted together on an audio track. Two new documentaries “Science Fiction Round Table Discussion” and “Defining Messiah” will be included as will original television spots.

The fight for Spice begins again on June 18th. The price is $26.95.

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