Cactus Flower blooms on DVD

Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment is preparing a new DVD of the Goldie Hawn, Walter Matthau team-up in Cactus Flower.

Walter Matthau stars as Julian Winston, an easy-going bachelor dentist whose delicately balanced scheme crumbles under some unexpected circumstances. Winston is stringing along his dizzy blonde mistress, Toni (Hawn), by telling her he has a wife and children. When he learns that Toni has tried to commit suicide over him, however, he promises to marry her. Toni, refusing to be a homewrecker, insists on meeting Winston’s wife. He convinces Stephanie (Ingrid Bergman)-his starched, no-nonsense receptionist-to pose as his wife, and there are unforeseen twists and surprises for everyone.

Although the film is presented in both anamorphic widescreen and fullscreen with its original mono soundtrack, the DVD will carry no special features to accompany the film.

“Cactus Flower” will come to DVD on April 23rd. The suggested retail price will be $19.95.

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