Warner conjures up Thirteen Ghosts

Movie goers in 1960 were frightened and thrilled with the horror film Thirteen Ghosts. Over forty years later, the remake scared the daylights out of audiences again. After releasing the film last summer, Warner Brothers Home Entertainment is preparing a fairly packed DVD for release this April.

Cyrus Kriticos, an eccentric collector, has passed away and has left his home, his fortune, and all of his exotic collections to his nephew Arthur and his family. But when the family activates an old machine, they unlock the strangest collection of all – a collection of ghosts – and most of them are none too pleased about being part of the collection. Now the family must find a way to escape before they join the afterlife themselves.

A new anamorphic widescreen transfer awaits the film as does a Dolby Digital 5.1 soundtrack. Several extras take the viewer behind the scenes starting with Ghost Files, twelve in-depth vignettes created by the film’s conceptual artist describing the back stories of the ghosts in the film – their life experiences and how they became ghosts. Other features include “Thirteen Ghosts Revealed,” a behind-the-scenes documentary, an audio commentary by production designer Sean Hargreaves and creator of special make-up effects Howard Berger, a music video montage and the original theatrical trailer. DVD-ROM content will be included as well.

Now you can add “Thirteen Ghosts” to your own collection when the DVD arrive on April 2nd. The price will be $24.98.

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