Three more Jackie Chan flicks come to DVD

As Jackie Chan’s popularity has grown in the U.S. in recent years, many
of his current films are already available on DVD, but many of his older
films are either unavailable or obtainable in shoddy low budget versions. Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment
is readying three DVDs of Chan’s earlier work. To Kill With
, New Fists of Fury and Snake and Crane Arts of
are on the way.

In “To Kill With Intrigue”, Kung Fu fans get a rare chance to see
international martial arts legend Jackie Chan as a serious dramatic hero
with a fighting style to match. Jackie plays a young lord who, fearing
an attack, sends away the love of his life. As he suspected, a vicious
gang led by a female fighting master arrives and slaughters his family.
Now, he must begin a quest for revenge and fight the Bloody Rain Gang
and the Dragon Escorts before he can be reunited with the one he loves.
The complex plot, interwoven with romance, betrayal, and impressive
fighting scenes, make To Kill With Intrigue a story that packs a
powerful dramatic punch.

Jackie Chan, the master of kung-fu and Chinese acrobatics, stars in “New
Fists of Fury”, the action-packed sequel to Bruce Lee’s Fist of Fury. In
one of his first leading roles, he displays the style that would make
him an international superstar. During WWII in Japanese-occupied Taiwan,
Jackie plays a young thief with no interest in Kung-Fu. His mind is
changed when he can no longer stand to see his people losing their land
and their lives at the hands of the cruel Japanese. He learns the Fist
of Fury fighting style and begins a one-man battle of his own. Filled
with great Kung Fu action, this patriotic drama is a must see for fans
of Chan and Lee.

Jackie Chan returns in the film that real Kung Fu fans call the best
traditional martial arts movie Jackie’s ever made, “Snake and Crane Arts
of Shaolin”. Jackie is a young warrior suspected of poisoning all the
Shaolin Masters, the creators of a new unbeatable fighting style called
the “Snake and Crane.” Believing he possesses the secret book, dozens of
warriors try to take him down with sticks, swords, chopsticks, feet and
fists. But Jackie’s motives are pure, and in the end his real mission is
revealed as he uses the “Snake and Crane” technique against the ultimate
enemy. With one long fight scene after another, this Jackie Chan classic
has everything going for it…terrific action sequences, hilarious
slapstick and that special Jackie Chan charm.

All three films are presented in widescreen and have mono
soundtracks in English and Cantonese. “To Kill With Intrigue” and “New
Fists of Fury” both come with theatrical trailers.

All three films will hit shelves on March 12th for $19.95.

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