The X-Files goes to season 5 on DVD

Twentieth Century Fox’s season box sets of The X-Files DVDs have become the standard by which other TV series box sets are measured against; presenting complete seasons with a respectable amount of supplements. Now the studio has set a date for the fifth season to hit DVD in May.

The fifth season of the paranormal drama changed gears to deal with longer stories of government cover-up and less attention to the monsters and the unreal. The shortened season led directly into a cliffhanger which was picked up in the 1998 X-Files film. All twenty episodes are included in the set on six discs:

Disc 1: Unusual Suspects, Redux, ReduxII and Detour

Disc 2: Christmas Carol, Post-Modern Prometheus, Emily and Kitsunegari

Disc 3: Schizogeny, Chinga, Kill Switch and Bad Blood

Disc 4: Patient X, The Red and the Black, Travelers and Mind’s Eye

Disc 5: All Souls, The Pine Bluff Variant, Folie a Deux and The End

Disc 6: Supplemental Materials.

Like previous sets, the audio will be presented in Dolby Surround 2.0, but the big question on the minds of those familiar with the show will be the aspect ratio of the video. Beginning with the fifth season of the series, all episodes of The X-Files were filmed in 16×9. Unfortunately, the information released on the aspect ratio of the discs is exceedingly unclear. What is known is that the set will include a vast array of extras including international clips for several episodes, deleted scenes from The Post-Modern Prometheus, Christmas Carol, The Red and the Black and All Souls, audio commentaries for The Post-Modern Prometheus and The Pine Bluff Variant, a thirty minute documentaryThe Truth About Season Five, Behind the Truth Spots, special effects clips with commentary, a two minute featurette from the FX network, tv spots, and a DVD-ROM game.

As the X-Files winds down towards its final episode this spring, you can refresh your memory with the complete fifth season coming on May 14th. No suggested retail price has yet been set.

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