More Dr. Who is on the way

Dr. Who fans have been graced with several releases from Warner
Brothers Home Entertainment
. Now the studio is releasing two more
adventures from the long running British series. Doctor Who: The
Caves of Androzani
and Doctor Who: Remembrance of the Daleks
both land on DVD in April.

The Doctor finds himself in trouble in “The Caves of Androzani”.
Captured for arms-running on the mining planet of Androzani Minor, the
Doctor and Perry are under sentence of death. Then a mysterious masked
intruder comes to their aid. But is Sharaz Jek, master android creator,
really their saviour? The rulers of the planet are certainly desperate
for his head. But then, he does control Androzani’s supply of spectrox
and it’s a substance men are prepared to die for. The four part series
originally aired in 1984 is the last adventure of Peter Davison as Dr.

In “Remembrance of the Daleks”, The TARDIS travels back to the winter of
1963, and lands near Coal Hill School, shortly after the original crew
departed from Earth. The Doctor left the Hand of Omega behind, a
sentient device with immense powers from Gallifrey, which two factions
of Daleks are also searching for. The Doctor realises that there must be
humans helping both sides, and he allows the device to be captured by
the white Imperial Daleks, whose Emperor is revealed to be Davros, who
thinks he now has the power for universal conquest. The story contains
the four episodes that launched the 25th season of the show in 1988,

Like previous “Who” releases, the DVDs will be light on extra features
but will contain four episodes each. Both discs will be presented in
fullscreen. “Androzani” and “Remembrance” will each contain their
original soundtracks in mono and stereo respectively.

Dr. Who may be able to travel through time, but the rest of us will just
have to wait for April 2nd when both new DVDs arrive with a suggested
retail price of $24.98 each.

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