Fox adopts fullscreen DVDs

While Warner Brothers, Columbia TriStar and Universal have been making an effort to release many of their titles in both widescreen and fullscreen, Twentieth Century Fox is now jumping in the wagon. Although the studio has not announced any upcoming dual releases as of yet, it has retroactively announced several of their existing widescreen titles being re-released as fullscreen only versions.

Anna and the King, Big Momma’s House, Edward Scissorhands, Entrapment, Lake Placid, Men of Honor and Predator will all be re-released in March with fullscreen only transfers. Although there is no confirmation on features, it is likely the supplements and audio tracks will remain the same on these new releases.

Fox currently has no plans of canceling the widescreen copies of these discs, merely adding a new option for consumers. All seven discs will become available on March 5th.

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