Columbia TriStar keeps it All in the Family

As the studios begin to release there current hot television series on DVD, Columbia TriStar makes a pleasantly unexpected announcement concerning on of the great shows from decades gone by. Archie, Gloria and Meathead go digital in March as All in the Family: The Complete First Season comes to disc.

Archie Bunker, is a working-class family man who holds bigoted, conservative views of the world. His viewpoints clash with nearly everyone he comes into contact with, especially his liberal son-in-law Mike Stivic (or, as Archie delights in calling him, “Meathead”). The two disagree about nearly everything: politics, minorities, sex, religion, economics, war, gun control, crime, free speech, women’s rights, morality, philosophy and (so it seems) life in general. Archie’s daughter, Gloria, often (but not always) sides with Mike, while his saintly wife, Edith, is the rock that holds the family together. Edith is as friendly, reserved, considerate and open-minded as Archie is bigoted, loud, rude and closed-minded; however, the love and faithfulness between them is undeniable.

Although not as feature laden as some of its more contemporary counterparts, the three disc box set will present every episode in the first season in its original fullscreen and mono presentation.

Many younger viewers have never even seen the show which was nominated for an unprecedented 48 Emmy Awards. On March 26th, a new generation will be exposed to the show that talked about the issues no other show would. The suggested retail price is $24.95.

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