Columbia TriStar is Riding in Cars with Boys

After a few high action blockbusters, Drew Barrymore returns to simpler things with the film based on a true story, Riding in Cars with Boys. Coming as a new special edition DVD from Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment this March, “Riding” will make a nice addition to any DVD collection.

From celebrated director Penny Marshall comes the true story of a girl who did everything wrong but got everything right. Make way for Beverly (Drew Barrymore), a smart, beautiful young woman who can’t wait to grow up, much to the frustration of her police sergeant father (James Woods). Her life takes its first detour when she gets pregnant at age sixteen. The baby’s father, her husband (Steve Zahn), turns out to need more mothering than her newborn son. But through all the trouble, Beverly makes a life that’s more than she ever imagined and lives a story that’s waiting to be told. Join the ride and watch Beverly kick life where it counts.

Coming with an anamorphic widescreen transfer and Dolby Digital 5.1 sound, “Riding in Cars with Boys” features an audio commentary by Drew Barrymore, an HBO making-of special, four featurette; “Drew’s Trailer Tour,” “Bev and Ray’s House: Recreating Reality,” “The Cars” and “Beverly and Jason: Sons and Lovers”, theatrical trailers and cast and crew filmographies.

Arriving on March 19th 2002, “Riding in Cars with Boys” will carry a suggested retail price of $27.96.

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