Columbia TriStar adds more Superbit titles

Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment has decided to expand its Superbit line with two more titles. Vertical Limit and The Big Hit will be available this spring giving collector?s with higher end equipment the option of sacrificing supplements for video and audio excellence.

“Vertical Limit” is a high-adrenaline tale of a retired climber who must launch a treacherous and extraordinary rescue effort up K-2, a 28, 250 foot mountain in Pakistan’s Karakoram Range, to save his estranged sister and her team in this race against time.

“The Big Hit” follows the professional and romantic misadventures of Mel, a beleaguered hitman who is drawn along with his professional associates into a moonlighting gig that turns sour. As his professional and domestic woes collide, Mel finds himself dodging bullets while trying to impress his potential in-laws. Throw in an overzealous store clerk demanding the return of an overdue videocassette, and it’s not long before Mel’s carefully constructed life starts to unravel.

Both titles will come with anamorphic widescreen transfers and audio in Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS 5.1. Of course due ot the nature of the Superbit titles no features will be present at all.

On March 19th, both titles will carry $27.96 price tags.

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