3 Stooges times 5 shorts equals lots of laughs

Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment is once again dipping into the pool of classic stooge shorts with The Three Stooges: Three Smart Saps coming to DVD in March. Like previous stooge releases, the disc will come with five individual shorts.

Three Arabian Nuts

The Stooges are delivering some Arabian antiques, which include a magic lamp complete with genie. Three Arabian bad guys are after the magic lamp, but the Stooges defeat them once they get the “genius” (as Shemp calls the genie) on their side.

Three Little Beers

The Stooges are inept deliverymen at a brewery. When they learn about a company golf tournament, they sneak onto a golf course to get some practice. They quickly proceed to bother the other golfers and destroy the course. Forced to escape in their beer truck, more havoc ensues when the load of beer barrels spills out down a steep hill.

Three Smart Saps

The Stooges are engaged to the three daughters of a prison warden. When they learn that some crooks have taken over the prison and their prospective father-in-law has been locked up, they decide to go undercover to rescue him. The Stooges sneak into the prison where they find a casino with a fancy party in progress. After swiping some formal attire, they crash the party and get candid camera evidence to expose the crooked goings-on. With the crooks behind bars once again, the Stooges are able to get married and all ends well.

Three Dark Horses

A campaign boss is looking for three delegates to the presidential convention, delegates that are too stupid to discover that his candidate, Hammond Egger, is a crook. Enter the Stooges as janitors sent to clean the man’s office. After some of their antics, the boys’ suitability for the job is apparent and they’re hired. The Stooges go to the convention, but double cross their boss and vote for another candidate, Abel Lamb Stewer. When the boss and his muscle man come looking for revenge, the boys defeat them in a wild fight.

Three Loan Wolves

Told in flashback, the Stooges tell their son how he came to have three fathers. The Stooges, owners of a pawn shop, owed money to the gashouse protection society, a bunch of loan sharks. To complicate matters, a lady leaves a baby in the shop as part of a plan to sell a phony diamond and the Stooges wind up caring for the kid. The Stooges manage to defeat the crooks and, when they finish telling the story, the kid goes off to find his real mother.

All five shorts will be presented in their original black and white fullscreen and mono. The DVD will join the stooge library on March 26th, with a retail price of $24.95.

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