Universal presents Balto

Universal Studios Home Entertainment is preparing DVD releases of the animated canine Balto for release early next year. The true story of Balto and its sequel Balto 2: Wolf Quest are both coming to the digital front.

Based on the true adventure of an Alaskan sled dog named Balto who trekked across the frozen tundra to deliver a serum to a remote village in 1925, “Balto” is a heartwarming animated film that features the voices of Kevin Bacon and Bridget Fonda. Balto, who is half wolf and half dog and therefore an outcast among the other dogs, must endure the treacherous attacks of the evil Steele as he tries to lead the precious cargo of serum through the dangerous Alaskan winter to save the village of Nome from diphtheria as well as win the love of Jenna, a female dog with whom he has fallen in love.

A sequel to 1995’s “Balto,” the story of a half wolf, half dog who leads a sled full of antitoxins through the Alaskan winter to a town suffering from diphtheria, “Balto II” picks up where the first ended. After settling down with Jenna and having 6 pups, it soon becomes time for Balto to give his children up for adoption to human families. However, no one wants Aleu, his daughter, because she looks so much like a wolf. When Aleu figures this out, she runs away, forcing Balto to go after her and sending her on a journey that reveals quite a bit about herself.

Both films are presented in fullscreen presentations with sound mixed in Dolby Digital 5.1. The first title appears to be free of any features, but the second film will contain DVD-ROM and Set Top Games, a Read-A-Long and a Sing-A-Long.

Priced at $24.98 each, the adventures of Balto will come to DVD on the 19th of February.

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