Two new romances from MGM

MGM Home Entertainment is preparing two disparate romace titles for release later this year. The suspenseful crime story Romeo is Bleeding and the humorous period piece Impromptu are both coming in March.

In “Romeo is Bleeding” Jack Grimaldi (Gary Oldman) leads more than a double life: He’s a veteran cop, a two-timing husband and a corrupt mob informant. But when the Feds enlist him to protect Russian gangster Mona Demarkov (Lena Olin) at the same time that the Mafia orders him to kill her, Jack’s world of greed and lust begins to crack. Complicating this already dangerous situation is Mona herself, a seductive schemer who entangles Jack in a deadly, depraved plan of her own.

“Impromptu” celebrates brazen, controversial 19th-Century feminist author George Sand and the unlikely object of her desire: well-mannered composer Frederic Chopin. Bohemian provocateur Sand (Judy Davis) is setting Paris ablaze by wearing men’s clothing and taking a long line of lovers! But when she first hears the heavenly music of Chopin (Hugh Grant), she vows to stop at nothing – including transforming herself – to capture the heart of the fragile, shy and painfully straight-laced musician! Will this love song ultimately crescendo or will it become one of history’s greatest unfinished symphonies?

Both films are presented in their original widescreen formats, although only “Romeo is Bleeding” will have anamorphic enhancement. “Romeo” and “Impromptu” will have Dolby Surround and mono mixes respectively. Aside from a trailer on “Impromptu”, neither disc will carry any features.

March 19th is the day both of these titles will be available from MGM. Each will carry a $19.98 suggested retail price.

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