True Blue is on the way

Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment is preparing a new DVD of the thriller turned romance turned thriller True Blue. March will see the release of the film.

A severed hand floats in a Central Park pond. Who did it belong to? How did it get there? From the beginning, it’s a homicide case with more questions than answers. Detective Rem Macy (Tom Berenger) is a seasoned NYPD officer investigating a murder that will lead him from the dangerous underworld of Chinatown gangs to the most influential movers and shakers of City Hall. Fearing for her life, the roommate of the murder victim (Lori Heuring) asks to stay at Macy’s apartment. First, Macy opens his home to her. Then, he gets into real danger and lets her into his heart. Now, she’s got him where she wants him and there’s no stopping her.

In classic Columbia style, “True Blue” will have video transfers in fullscreen and anamorphic widescreen. Dolby Digital 5.1 tracks in English and French will add variety to the viewing experience, and a director’s audio commentary and theatrical trailer will add to the overall presentation of the new DVD.

Coming on March 5th, “True Blue” will be priced at $24.95.

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