More Bonanza is coming

Bringing new meaning to last minute announcements, Direct Source Home Video has announced the release of four new episodes of the classic western television series Bonanza for a DVD release. There won’t be much of a wait however, since the discs are set for release tomorrow.

“Day of Reckoning”: The ugly side of prejudice casts a long shadow over the Ponderosa when Ben Cartwright befriends a Native American Indian. Ben’s life is saved by Matsou, a member of the Bannock tribe, who, along with his wife, is searching for a peaceful way of life and a home to call their own. In gratitude, Ben offers him a piece of land, but creates new enemies and blood is spilled in the meantime.

“The Ape”: The Cartwright whose heart is as big as his appetite, Hoss, tries to help a man who is his equal in size, but who lacks the ability to understand and control his massive strength. Arnie is a mountain of a man, but a mental disability prevents him from fitting in with his surroundings and the people he meets. Hoss tries to take the mountain under his wing, but soon discovers that his good intensions are being thwarted by a barmaid and her unsavory boss.

“The Blood Line”: Blood is thicker than water on the Ponderosa, and a family feud is handed down from father to son in this classic episode. Luke Grayson has mayhem on his mind when he visits the local store for some wine. Despite his worst intentions, he is stopped dead in his tracks by Ben Cartwright who is forced to defend himself against Grayson’s unwarranted attack. Grayson’s son, Todd, who returns home from out East to visit dear old dad, vows to avenge his father but is instead convinced to go live with the Cartwrights as a means to carve out his own identity.

“Death at Dawn”: Frontier justice is put to the test when a gang terrorizes the citizens of Virginia City. A shopkeeper is brutally murdered, but his wife won’t testify against the imprisoned killer because he is a member of a notorious gang who threaten reprisals against anyone who crosses them.

Each episode will be presented in its original fullscreen and mono and will contain cast and crew biographies, a trivia quiz and a critic’s review.

Coming tomorrow, each episode will be priced at $6.99 each. Anyone interested in the saving a couple of dollars should be on the lookout for the episodes packaged in two-packs priced at $11.99 each.

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