MGM announces Ghost World

After taking a seven year hiatus following the indie hit “Crumb”, director Terry Zwigoff returns to the independent film scene with this summer’s offbeat comedy Ghost World. The film with a skewered take on reality is coming to DVD in February from MGM Home Entertainment.

Enid and Becky were by far the two coolest girls in high school… according to Enid and Becky anyway. After graduation, the girls find life quite different outside the confines of the school walls. Just as Enid considers cross country relocation, she discovers Seymour, the antithesis of all she ever considered cool, but is captivating to her nonetheless. As the three learn to reshape their lives around their new environments, they discover that their friendship must take on a new shape as well.

A new anamorphic transfer and a Dolby Digital 5.1 sound mix will grace the new DVD as will a series of special features including an original featurette, alternate and deleted scenes, and a music video from the 1965 film “Gumnaam”.

Coming on February 5th, MGM has put a $26.95 price tag on the release.

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