Meet The Beatles in The Big Beat Box

MVD Music Video pays tribute to the fab four with a new documentary simply titled Beatles: Big Beat Box the documentary is coming to DVD along with a bonus CD this January.

This unique 50-minute DVD traces the extraordinary rise of the Beatles from their early days in the clubs of Liverpool and Germany to their undisputed status as the world’s most successful “pop” group ever. Watch the astounding events unfold as Beatlemania swept through the UK, across the USA and exploded throughout the world. This is very much the Beatles in “their own words, ” giving interviews with the press at critical moments in their career as they progressed from adorable “mop tops” to cultural revolutionaries. The interviews with the “Fab Four” capture the unique humor that defined the Beatles and a generation. Included is a 55-minute CD which contains a number of songs that the Beatles covered during their time together with the exception of the opening track, “In Spite of All the Danger.” Songs on CD: In Spite of All the Danger; A Taste of Honey; Words of Love; Anna (Go to Him); In Spite of All the Danger (Instrumental); Roll Over Beethoven; Behind the Beat; Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band; With a Little Help from My Friends; Lucy In the Sky with Diamonds; I Am the Walrus; She’s Leaving Home; Got to Get You Into My Life. (NOTE: Songs on CD are not performed by The Beatles.)

You might not be able to buy love, but for $24.95, you can buy the new documentary coming on January 2nd, an unusual Wednesday release date.

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