Jingle All the Way is going away

Twentieth Century Fox is issuing a recall on the holiday Arnold Schwarzenegger comedy Jingle All the Way due to a legal restriction placed by a Michigan court ruling. The ruling found against Fox in a copyright case claiming the film infringed on the story “Could This Be Christmas” written by Brian Alan Webster. The disc is to be pulled from shelves immediately.

Fox issued this statement earlier; “Because of an adverse court ruling against Fox in a copyright infringement case regarding ”Jingle All The Way “, we are stopping deliveries of ”Jingle“ DVDs and videotapes until the pending matter can be resolved. Fox is prosecuting an appeal.. In the meantime, however, all DVDs and videotapes of the title that you have available for sale should immediately be removed from distribution. We will inform you when we resume taking orders and shipping the title, but we do not anticipate making further deliveries this year.”

It could be some time before the disc is back in stores, and as has been the case with previous similar cases, the DVD that returns to stores may be edited in some way.

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