Ingmar Bergman’s Wild Strawberries comes from Criterion

The Criterion Collection is back to doing what it does best, releasing classic cinema on DVD. In this case it’s Ingmar Bergman’s introspective drama Wild Strawberries due out on disc in February.

Doctor Isak Borg is reaching the age where he must confront his own inevitable mortality. Even as he is honored by his colleagues as a skilled physician, he is troubled by visions and nightmares exposing the darker recesses of his psyche. Borg realizes the futility and emptiness of his wasted life and tries to seek salvation and forgiveness from those he has loved throughout his life.

Considered by many to be Bergman’s finest film, “Wild Strawberries” will be presented in its original fullscreen Academy ratio with a new digitally remastered print. Information is unclear concerning its audio mix, but it will likely be presented in its original Swedish mono with optional English subtitles. An audio commentary by film scholar Peter Crowie will enlighten listeners to the various styles of Bergman. A 90 minute documentary on the director hosted by Jörn Donner will likely provide further insight.

Coming on February 12th, “Wild Strawberries” will carry a $39.95 price tag. Collector’s of the Criterion titles may be interested in knowing that the spine number will be 139.

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