Hope and Crosby: on the road to DVD

Before Bill and Ted, Wayne and Garth, or Beavis and Butthead, was the original comic buddy duo of Bob Hope and Bing Crosby in the “Road Show Series”. The first four films, Road to Singapore, Road to Zanzibar, Road to Morocco and Road to Utopia are coming to DVD in March from Universal Studios Home Entertainment.

The boys start in “Road to Singapore” as two bachelors, who have sworn off women and are hiding out in Singapore. But their vow against the fairer sex falls by the wayside when a beautiful woman hires on as their housekeeper. Their journey’s take them to Africa next in “Road to Zanzibar”. A couple of scheming carnival performers hustle out of town after selling a phony diamond mine. Ending up in Zanzibar, they meet a couple of beautiful girls who lure them into the jungle and introduce them to a tribe of hungry cannibals. Next the twosome finds themselves in “Road to Morocco”, up to their hips in trouble with an evil sheik, and scheming for the affections of a lovely princess in what many consider the funniest film of the series. In the forth installment, Bob and Bing get caught up in “Road to Utopia” in a race to stake their claim to a Klondike gold mine after nabbing the deed from a couple of vicious killers and assuming their identities. But then the beautiful and ambitious Sal puts the make on them.

The first four films will each be presented in their original black and white fullscreen with mono sound. Each will come with production stills, radio broadcast shows, and DVD-ROM content – a feature not even conceived of when these films were made.

Coming on March 5th, each title will carry a suggested retail price of $19.98 each. Additionally, a box set of all four films will carry a $69.98 price tag. Grab a pal and pick up all four.

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