David Friedman’s political satires come to DVD

Popular in the 1970’s, producer David F. Friedman and director William Castleman produced a long series of ultra-weird films commenting on the state of the world. Two of those films are coming to DVD from Image Entertainment as a new double feature. Johnny Firecloud and Bummer! get released on the format for the first time.

Named for the atomic bomb, Native American Johnny Firecloud returns from Vietnam to a desert town controlled by a white-trash bigot named Colby who hates Indians in general and Johnny in particular. Enraged that his daughter is in love with Firecloud, Colby catches them together, whips the bejesus out of Johnny, and has him tossed in jail. Johnny escapes from his cell and staging a one-man Indian massacre against Colby and his racist cronies that begins with a good old-fashioned scalping.
In “Bummer!”, take three hot-to-trot groupies, mix well with the Seventies L.A. rock scene, add plenty of sex, drugs, and violence, then watch as it all explodes into one big Bummer!

Both films are contained on a single disc, “Johnny Firecloud” is presented in widescreen while “Bummer!” is fullscreen. Both contain their original mono soundtracks. The disc will contain an audio commentary spanning both movies by director William Allen Castleman and producer David F. Friedman, trailers for “Johnny Firecloud,” “Bummer!,” “Angels,” “Betta Betta in the Wall, Who’s the Fattest Fish of All,” “Boots and the Preacher,” “Girls in Trouble,” “The Love Slaves,” and “There’s Always Vanilla;”, the two vastly disparate short films “War Drums” and “Blind Bidding and How It Affects You” and a David F. Friedman gallery of Exploitation Art. Quite a diverse collection of features.

Coming February 12th, the double feature will carry a suggested retail price of $24.99.

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