Columbia TriStar delivers the Punchline

Before Sally Field tackled the role of Tom Hanks’ mama in “Forest Gump”, the two appeared as a struggling couple in the bittersweet comedy “Punchline”. The film that rode a tight line between comedy and drama is coming to disc from Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment in February.

Sally Field stars as Lilah Krytsick, a New Jersey housewife and mother of three, who desperately wants to make it big as a comedienne. All her life people have been telling her she’s funny, and now her home life has been catapulted into chaos as she spends her nights on stage at the New York comedy club, the Gas Station. Ton Hanks plays Steven Gold, a self-centered Lenny Bruce type who’s been stealing the spotlight at the Station with his irrepressible, natural comedic talent. Drawn to one another, Steven helps the stumbling Lilah turn her routine from flat to funny, while Lilah helps Steven keep his anguished life together.

“Punchline” offers many viewing options presented in both anamorphic widscreen and fullscreen with Dolby Surround sound in both English and French. Sadly, no extras come to back up the film.

With a suggested list price of $19.95, you’ll have to wait until February 19th for the punhline.

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