York presents Dead or Alive

York Entertainment is preparing the gripping action-adventure Dead or Alive for a DVD release this February.

Parris Bally wants a way out of the hardcore life of bounty hunting and there’s only one thing he can do . go for the big score. A tough as nails former soldier, Bally wanted a thrill-a-minute lifestyle but with a wife threatening to leave, he needs to find a way to get out. His only choice is to hunt one of the most wanted killers in the country and he chooses a terrorist known only as The Nightmare. The Nightmare has a million dollar bounty on his head, and Bally with steely determination, wants it no matter what. even if it means a suicide mission.

Coming with a Dolby Digital 5.1 surround track, “Dead or Alive” comes bundled with several trailers. The DVD is scheduled to be released on February 19th for $14.99.

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