Three new titles are coming from Vanguard

Three independent films are coming from Vanguard this December; the Canadian drama Horsey, the romantic Dogtown: Special Edition, and The suspensful Italian mystery Blonde.

In “Horsey”, Delilah Miller is an explosive 23 year old painter who struggles to reconcile her insatiable appetite for both men and women in her search for a real relationship. She starts a romance with rock musician Ryland Yale, a sexy, possessive and undependable heroin addict, and finds herself torn between her emotional needs and physical desire.

“Dogtown” is the story of Philip Van Horn, who left his small town of Cuba, Missouri a long time ago to become a Hollywood actor without much success, and returns home for a visit. There he is uniformally greeted like a celebrity and movie star. He uses it to impress his high school love Dorothy, her life now grey and boring. Philip’s high-school friends have led lives as cockeyed as his, among them Ezra, Dorothy’s new messed-up boyfriend. Philip has a shot at becoming her knight in shining armour or perhaps he should focus on saving himself first while he still can.

While driving through the south of Italy, a man knocks down a beautiful young blonde woman with his car, causing her to go into shock and lose her memory completely in “Blonde”. He takes her home to attend to her wounds. At first, he sees her as a heavy burden, but soon his feelings get the better of him and he falls madly in love with her. She seems to return his feelings. Then, suddenly, her memory returns as does her strange and shady old life and past, they both find themselves in the middle of unfolding events attempting to break them apart at all costs.

Each release comes with a limited number of special features. “Horsey” contains a theatrical trailer and a director’s introduction. “Dogtown” comes with an audio commentary with director George Hickenlooper and a trailer. “Blonde” unfortunatly carries no supplements.

All three titles will be available from Vanguard on January 22nd. Each will carry a $29.95 retail price.

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