Three new anime titles from ADV

ADV Films has set a January street date for three new animated titles from Japan. Princess Nine: “Double Header”, Sorcerer on the Rocks and Plastic Little are on the way.

“Double Header” is the second installment in the “Princess Nine” series. In this volume, the Princess Nine all-girls baseball team is finally starting to come together, but they still find themselves four girls short of the necessary roster. As the crucial first game approaches, Keiko and Kido scour Japan for more players, but ultimately, the task is left to the girls themselves to recruit the final members. Charged with leading the Princess Nine to victory, pitching prodigy Ryo must find a way to conquer her own personal demons and forge the band of rag-tag misfits into a real team. but before she can do that, she’ll have to confront her bitter archrival, Izumi!

Containing audio in both English and Japanese with optional English subtitles, DVD extras include player statistics, previews of upcoming ADV releases, and the live action cooking show “Ode to Oden.”.

“Sorcerer on the Rocks” begins long ago, in a time of magic and mystery, where there lived a group of courageous individuals known as the Sorcerer Hunters. Pure of heart and dedicated to justice, their job was to rid the kingdom of the powerful sorcerers and demonic monsters that oppressed the people and terrorized the land. This isn’t their story. This is the story of Shibas, a bounty hunter whose job is to rid the kingdom of the powerful sorcerers and demonic monsters that oppress the people and terrorize the land . . . for a price! Although the price isn’t small, it’s willingly paid in full. Even though he may be debauched, debased and a real bastard at times, he’s also good. Really good! So good, in fact, that when a local nasty needs a powerful sorcerer to use as a sacrifice, he settles on Shibas. It’s just his bad luck that Shibas has no intention of cooperating.

Although “Sorcerer on the Rocks” is also bilingual, the disc contains no supplements whatsoever.

The popular series “Plastic Little” makes its debut on DVD. Journey to the breathtakingly beautiful planet Yietta, where colonists – living on a floating artificial continent – make their living by exploiting tourists. But no paradise is perfect! A secret organization within Yietta’s military initiates a ruthless plot to take control of the planet. At the last moment, Professor Nalerof Mordish sabotages their plans, but in the process, loses his own life. Believing Mordish’s daughter Elysse possesses a computer code vital to their cause – the military capture her as well. Captain Tita and the crew of her hyper-sub Cha Cha Maru put their lives on the line to rescue her. When the military mobilizes, in a desperate bid to retrieve Elysse, it’s a game of Cat and Mouse on a planet-wide scale – with one crucial difference: mice don’t shoot back.

In addition to English and Japanese audio tracks, extras include original storyboards and production sketches, previews of upcoming ADV releases, and a Jiggle Counter created especially for this title.

“Princess Nine” will be priced at $19.98. Both “Sorcerer on the Rocks” and “Plastic Little” will carry $24.98 price tags. All three titles are coming from ADV on January 8th.

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