The live action Jungle Book is coming to DVD

One of the first live action films adapted from a Disney animated classic, Buena Vista Home Entertainment is preparing a new DVD for the Rudyard Kipling classic tale of The Jungle Book.

Based only partially on the original book, this new adaptation of “The Jungle Book” begins in 19th century Africa. Raised by wild animals since childhood, Mowgli is eventually drawn away from the jungle by the beautiful Kitty. But Mowgli soon faces a corrupt Captain Boone, who wants both Kitty’s hand and the treaures of Monkey City–a place only Mowgli can find.

Although the disc is presented in anamorphic widescreen, “The Jungle Book” contains no special features to supplement the film.

January 15th of next year is when “The Jungle Book” comes to DVD for the first time. The movie only disc will carry a suggested retail price of $19.95.

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