Submitted by Matt Shepherd and Jared Chance

Dreamworks Home Video has hidden two fun Easter Eggs on their 2-disc Special Edition release of the animated comedy “Shrek.” Here’s how to find them.

On both discs from the 2-disc set, go to the main menu and from there to the “Special Features” menu and highlight the “Main Menu” entry at the bottom of the screen. Now press the “Up” arrow key on your remote control to highlight the bellybuttons of the Gingerbread Man. Press “Enter” now and you will get a “Shrek Fun Fact” – a little piece of trivia information from the movie. Every time you select this hidden feature, a randomly selected Fun Fact comes up.

Another Easter Egg is hidden on the second disc of the set. From the main menu, go to the “Play” menu entry and press the “Up” arrow key to highlight the music note in the background. This will allow you to view the “Shrek Karaoke.”

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