Pearl Harbor to feature Dolby Headphone bonus track

Dolby Laboratories announced that the
upcoming December 4 DVD release of Touchstone Pictures“ Pearl Harbor,
from producer Jerry Bruckheimer and director Michael Bay, will feature a
special, limited-edition Dolby Headphone bonus track. The Dolby Headphone
track will allow movie viewers to enjoy the multichannel audio experience of
Pearl Harbor’s 5.1-channel soundtrack over any pair of regular stereo
headphones using any DVD player or receiver with a headphone jack. Pearl
Harbor will be the first-ever DVD release to feature a Dolby Headphone

Through its powerful signal-processing algorithm, Dolby Headphone generates
a host of audio clues modeled from real life, from which the listener’s ears
and brain derive a truly three-dimensional sound image. Stereo content
sounds richer and more spacious, as if it were being played over two
speakers in a room. Multichannel audio programming is presented as if the
listener is surrounded by a five-speaker home theater setup.

Listeners can enjoy Dolby Headphone in stereo with program sources such as
MiniDiscs, CDs, and MP3 files, and in surround sound with most multichannel
program sources, including Dolby Surround, Dolby Digital, PCM, MLP-packed

Developed by Lake Technology and Dolby Laboratories, Dolby Headphone has
already found its way into millions of computing products, including desktop
and laptop computers as well as DVD playback software. The technology is
also being licensed by Dolby to consumer electronics manufacturers for use
in almost any product that provides a stereo headphone jack. Such products
include digital cable and satellite set-top boxes, VCRs, DVD-Video and
DVD-Audio players, conventional and digital TV receivers, portable stereos,
game consoles, A/V surround decoders and receivers, auto sound systems, and
multimedia speaker systems.

For a list of current Dolby Headphone products currently available, please
click here. For more information
about Dolby Headphone, please see here.

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