More Lexx is on the way

The popular Sci-Fi Channel series Lexx gets revisited on DVD by Acorn Media with a new volume containing the final four episodes of the second season; “The Net”, “Brigadoom”, “Brizon” and “End of the Universe”.

“Lexx” follows the adventures of a crew of misfits bouncing around a parallel universe in a stolen, organic spacecraft–the awesomely powerful Lexx. In “The Net” The Lexx is captured by a web-like organism that tries to devour it. The creature takes control over Stanley, using him to fool the others into thinking that the danger is over. The story continues in “Brigadoom” when a strange building near the center of the universe appears out of nowhere. Inside is a group of performers proudly performing the history of the Brunned-G, with Kai as the hero of the story. “Brizon” brings the crew in contact with Brizon, the designer of the Lexx, who claims he can help them win their battles. Earning their trust may be more difficult than he expected. Finally, in “End of the Universe” Stanley decides to fight fire with fire by creating his own drones to fight the Mantrid, but is too little too late?

The new DVD will present the show in its original fullscreen and will contain scenes previously unaired in America. The disc will also carry interviews with the cast and crew.

Coming on January 29th, “Lexx Season 2: #5” will complete the second season for $29.95.

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