Image Entertainment is Working

Anyone who finds themselves in high school or college drama long enough will find themselves in a production of the musical drama Working. The 1982 presentation of the play starring Barbara Hershey and Barry Bostwick is considered to be the finest version of the show and will be put to DVD this January by Image Entertainment.

Conceived by Stephen Schwartz, this musical adaptation of the Studs Terkel book examines the average worker’s viewpoint – showing that he or she is anything but average. structured around a series of interviews with real working people – construction workers, waitresses, firemen, secretaries and cleaning women -“Working” is both an exploration of the individuals’ occupations and a lament for lost hopes and dreams.
Presented on January 15th, “Working” will be presented in stereo in its original fullscreen presentation. The disc will contain no supplemental features, but will be available for purchase on $24.99.

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