Columbia TriStar ponders Life Without Dick

Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment is about to unleash the new black comedy Life Without Dick on the DVD world.

Sarah Jessica Parker plays Colleen Bigson, a young girl madly in love with Dick (Johnny Knoxville). When a fortune-teller (Teri Garr) convinces Colleen that her boyfriend is cheating on her, she decides to put a stop to it. Unfortunately, the gun she uses to threaten him with accidentally fires and kills him! Enter Daniel (Harry Connick, Jr.), a professional hit man who can sing like a bird but can’t seem to bring himself to kill anyone. Colleen hooks up with Daniel and soon finds out that he had been assigned the task of knocking off Dick! And when Dan discovers that Colleen had fulfilled his assignment for him, well, it’s a match made in Mafia heaven!

“Life Without Dick” will receive the standard treatment from Columbia. Featuring both anamorphic widescreen and pan & scan transfers, the film will have audio mixed in Dolby Digital 5.1 but will not include any form of special features.

Coming to DVD on February 5th, the film will carry a $24.95 price tag.

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