Columbia TriStar makes the call to Call Me Claus

It’s the time of year for new Christmas Specials to hit television and home video. This year Whoopie Goldberg, Garth Brooks and Nigel Hawthorn come together for the musical Christmas tale Call Me Claus. The special will air on TNT this season and come to DVD in December.

In the film, Goldberg plays Lucy Cullins, a slick and cynical producer at the Shop- A-Lot home-shopping network, who is desperately in need of some Christmas spirit. Help arrives just in the Nick of time, when Lucy hires an actor to play Santa Claus on her station’s holiday programming. She gets more than she bargained for: The actor, not so coincidentally named Nick, really is Santa Claus and faces mandatory retirement after 200 years on the job. Nick must find his replacement by Christmas Eve or the world will face dire consequences. His sights are set on Lucy, but can he thaw her heart in time?

Presented in fullscreen with Dolby Surround, “Call Me Claus” features the special In the Studio with Garth Brooks, filmographies and discographies and several trailers.

Priced at $19.95, “Call Me Claus” comes to DVD on December 11th.

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