Axel F, F is for Beverly Hills Cop on DVD

Paramount Home Video delivers the goods on three long promised comedies. All three Beverly Hills Cop movies are coming in January, both individually and as a set.

Axel Foley is the best cop in Detroit. or the worst – depending on your point of view. When his dogged involvement in a brutal homicide gets him into too much trouble, he’s put on vacation. But that doesn’t stop Axel from following the case from Detroit to Beverly Hills California, where he finds that police work on the west coast is a little different than he’s accustomed to. Axel returns to California in “Beverly Hills Cop II” investigating a crime not in Detroit, but in Beverly Hills when his friend Lt. Bogomil becomes victim to a series of illegal activities. The BH police department know that perhaps a Detroit solution can fix their Beverly Hills problem. The two cities are linked by crime once again in “Beverly Hills Cop III” when Axel’s Detroit mentor is killed and he tracks the scheme back to a California amusement park. But this time, Axel already knows the ropes of California, the bad guys don’t stand a chance.

All three films will be released in anamorphic widescreen and Dolby Digital 5.1. Additional features on the first film include an audio commentary with director Martin Brest, the featurette “Casting Beverly Hills Cop”, new cast and crew interviews, a still gallery, and a location map. The second film will include a deleted scene with an introduction by director Tony Scott, new cast and crew interviews, the original making-of featurette, and the “Shakedown” music video by Bob Seger. The third film is lightest on features with only new cast and crew interviews unique to the disc. All three discs will contain theatrical trailers.

Eddie Murphy will return to the strains of the ever popular 80’s “Axel F” in all three films on January 29th. Each disc will carry a suggested retail price of $24.95, while the box set is priced at $74.95.

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