ADV launches a new generation with Robotech: Wave 6

The sixth installment of the animated sci-fi classic Robotech series from ADV films will be coming to DVD in February. The sixth wave begins the “new generation” chapter of the Robotech storyline. As with previous sets, the new wave will consist of two new volumes: Robotech v11: Robotech: New Generation – “The Next Wave” and Robotech v12: Robotech: New Generation-“Counter Strike” which may be some sort of record for punctuation in a title. The two volumes will also be available together in a special box set with a third disc of extras.

Robotech v11: Robotech: New Generation-“The Next Wave”
The powerful third act of Robotech begins as the Robotech Defense Force – exhausted by years of intergalactic warfare – is finally “defeated” by mysterious aliens known as Invid. The fate of mankind rests in the hands of a few brave “resistance” fighters who will stop at nothing until the Earth is free once again.

Robotech v12: Robotech: New Generation-“Counter Strike”
Forced to journey to Reflex Point, the small band of resistance fighters – led by Scott Bernard – are confronted with powerful enemies, mysterious allies and an over-riding sense of helplessness. Along the way, Scott and the others learn the true meaning of survival as they each face their own darkest fears.

“Elements of Robotechnology”
The sixth volume in this extras series is available only in this collection. This bonus disc continues with a selection of animation drawings featuring characters and mecha from The New Generation, another batch of Robotech International clips, a gallery of vintage comic book covers featuring an episode-by-episode adaptation of The New Generation, promotional films never before seen by the general public; and the home video premiere of the unaired English language pilot for Genesis Climber Mospeada – the first episode of one of the original Japanese series which came together to create Robotech.

February 5th is the release date for both volumes of “Robotech: Wave 6” as well as the new box set. Each volume will carry a suggested retail price of $14.98, while the box will carry a $44.98 price tag.

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