A new batch of exciting releases from Warner Home Video

Warner Brothers Home Video has announced the arrival of several new DVDs on the way in January and February. Ranging from classic cinema to current documentaries and upcoming feature films, Warner has something for just about everybody.

First up is the suspenseful drama Always Outnumbered, Always Outgunned coming on January 8th. From Walter Mosley, author of “Devil in a Blue Dress”, comes Socrates Fortlow. Whether he’s running a killer out of town, falling in love with his best friend’s wife or trying to save the life of a murder witness, the way he’s fighting for his life is the way you want him fighting for yours.

Next on the docket is the Warren Beatty, Annette Bening classic romance Love Affair, also due on the eighth of January. A romance about two people who meet on a cruise ship who find themselves falling in love, although they are involved with someone else. They promise to meet in six months only if they both still feel the same way about each other.

February 5th marks the arrival of the bittersweet drama Summer of ’42. The coming of age story of friends Hermie, Oscy and Benjie spending the summer of 1942 with each other and isolated from the war engulfing the world.

Also on February 5th comes a special documentary, Lord of the Rings: Beyond the Movie. The much anticipated “Lord of the Rings” will have hit theaters and most likely have sparked quite an interest. The new documentary chronicalling the making of the films will come as a supplement for those who can’t wait for the actual film to hit DVD.
Finally, coming on February 12th are two releases from BBC Video distributed by Warner. First is the re-release of the popular Walking with Dinosaurs DVD previously released by Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment Ride the ultimate time machine from the beginning of dinosaurs to their spectacular end! Using the latest in computer animation, this series puts you in the middle of Jurassic stampedes and T Rex battles, through 155 million years of pre-history. Although it is unknown how this two disc set will be different from the original Fox release, it will be accompanied by the release of the follow-up documentary Walking with Prehistoric Beasts. Picking up where “Walking with Dinosaurs” left off, the new documentary follows the rise of mammals on the planet Earth.

Very little information is available concerning technical aspects and supplements on these releases, but certainly a wide variety of films will be coming down the road from Warner. All discs will be priced at $19.98 with the exception of “Walking with Dinosaurs” and “Walking with Prehistoric Beasts” which are marked at $29.98 and $34.98 respectively.

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