York/Maverick Entertainment unveil Premiere Series with 14 titles

York/Maverick Entertainment is a relative newcomer to the DVD distribution industry, but has made the best of things with their new Premiere Series. The new series, which launches with fourteen new titles, is a collection of up and coming film directors and their freshman film outings. Since these are primarily independent films and directors, many of the titles are not well recognized hits, but giving these directors their due exposure, may help a wider audience discover their films.

Steven Klein’s Game Day stars Richard Lewis as a basketball coach who has been cursed with five championship losses. When he is sent to coach an unruly second-rate college team, he starts to learn that there is more to basketball and to life than he originally knew.

She Lives By Night is Brett Hull’s thriller about a sexy vampire finds herself falling for the man who hit her in a car accident – and literally craving his friends. When night comes, will she satisfy her desires for love – or for life? The DVD features trailers, an interview with the director, deleted scenes, and a director’s commentary.

In Raven’s Ridge from newcomer Mike Upton, a group of petty thieves hide their cache from a robbery in a remote wooded area until the heat cools down. But when the only one of them with a map is arrested, the rest of the gang finds themselves lost on Raven’s Ridge with a raving lunatic out for complete privacy. Will any of them survive? The DVD features an introduction by the director and trailers.
In Calling Bobcat, Paul Kermizian’s freshman outing, a jilted boyfriend convinces his buddies to help him locate his ex in an effort to win her back. The night, however, serves up a variety of bizarre encounters that eventually lands the guys behind bars. A trailer, director introduction, deleted scenes, a director’s commentary and outtakes are included.

Night Orchid is the story of Clay Doyle who can see violent images from the past. In an effort to escape them, he ends up in a small Florida town and in love with Sarah. When Sarah disappears, Clay realizes that the only way to save her is to enter his dark visions and find a killer from long ago. The new film from Mark Atkins features trailers, a director introduction, deleted scenesand a director’s commentary.

Late Night Sessions takes place at the United Get Down rave party, and exposes today’s modern youth in all their exuberance – and contradictions. Joshua B. Hamlin’s film features trailers, a director introduction and commentary.

The drama Loser, not to be confused with last year’s teen comedy, follows James Dean Ray who is hell-bent on self-destruction, and this film follows his final hours hanging out, selling drugs, and committing armed robbery. Trailers, a director interview, director’s commentary, and apromotional video accompany the first film from director Kirk Harris.

The Others begins at Washington High School, where there are the stoners and the brains, the athletes and the artists, and then there are. the others – a group of misfits who go through life seeing how many laws they can break, and plotting the ultimate senior prank. The DVD will carry trailers, deleted scenes and an audio commentary from director Travis Fine.

In Pep Squad, all Cherry ever wanted was to be prom queen. But when she’s not nominated she takes things into her own gun-wielding hands in this black comedy that explores what adolescence in middle America is all about. Steve Balderson’s film is accompianied by trailers and a director’s commentary.

Shades of Darkness is Christopher Johnson’s thriller that unfolds when a young woman returns to her hometown to discover that an evil entity is threatening to destroy the town and its entire population. Trailers, a director’s commentary, deleted scenes, and a making of featurette are included.

In Gabe Weisert’s Fishing with Gandhi, when his mother marries his uncle, Danno hooks up with Roy and Gil. Two speed bumps on the road of life whose only concerns are restraining orders, puppy diseases and Brazilian choke holds. a director and actor commentary is included as are a director’s introduction, outtakes, cast interviews and trailers.
The Man Next Door finds a mentally ill young woman, fixated on the image of her childhood sweetheart who’s now a deranged killer, must find sanity or fall victim to the killer’s razor-sharp blade. Rod C. Spence’s thriller features a director interview, directors commentary, auditions, a music video, and trailers.

Tamara Olson’s Fashionably LA follows a group of runway models during their trials and tribulations trying to make it in the world of shoe shoes, mall shows, and local bridal shows. The disc contains a director’s commentary and trailers.
Finally, Smash Cuts! Super SCI-FI Shorts Fest is a group of award-winning science fiction short films are grouped together in one DVD including Airtime, Amplifier, and Duel on Planet Z.

Each of the fourteen films will have a suggested retail price of $14.99 and will hit shelves on December 18th.

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