Ulead DVD PictureShow creates slideshows for viewing on TV

Ulead Systems Inc. today introduced Ulead DVD PictureShow, slideshow generating software that lets users share pictures on television by saving their projects onto CDs and DVDs.

Assembling a project is easy with DVD PictureShow’s intuitive drag-and-drop interface, and users can include up to 99 slideshows on a single CD or DVD. By using a standard DVD player to watch slideshows, sharing pictures with friends and family becomes a comfortable living room experience.

Creating slideshows with Ulead DVD PictureShow is quick and intuitive. A step-by-step workflow gives users guidance, as well as many customizable options while assembling projects. It’s simple to customize photo order and rotate pictures. Timing is flexible so users can specify display duration between photos. As a final touch, users can add a different music sequence (.MP3 or .WAV files) to each slideshow. Slideshows created in Ulead Photo Explorer 7.0 Pro can be imported into DVD PictureShow as well. Ulead DVD PictureShow will output slideshows to either Video CD or DVD for playback on stand-alone DVD players and CD or DVD drives on personal computers.

Ulead DVD PictureShow can record up to 99 slideshows with 99 images per slideshow on a single CD or DVD. When preparing the menus for a CD or DVD, users may choose from a wide range of ready-to-use menu templates available in Ulead DVD PictureShow, including holiday, vacation, business and romantic templates. Users can also add descriptive slideshow titles. Customization of templates is also possible using personal images for backgrounds, as well as adding music to menus. Users can preview an entire project by using the included DVD emulation controls.

When a Ulead DVD PictureShow project is complete, the software will automatically detect the recording device on a user’s computer (CD-R, CD-RW or DVD-R) and burn as requested. Users may also save project files as disc images to re-burn at any future time. Ulead DVD PictureShow is available for $29.95 for a downloaded version or $34.95 for physical media.

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