Two new titles from York Entertainment

York Entertainment, the company dedicated to independent cinema is releasing two new DVDs; the television movie The Perfect Wife and the new direct-to-video urban feature Rappin“ n” Rhyming.

In “The Perfect Wife”, Liza desired only one thing in life, revenge! After seeing her brother killed in an auto wreck, Liza vowed to stop at nothing to destroy those she felt were responsible. including the drunk driver and the doctor that failed to save him. Almost captured after hunting down and brutally killing the driver, she decided the doctor’s death would have to be more subtle. She decided to pursue him, then woo him and finally make him her wife. But the doctor’s ex-wife thinks there’s something peculiar about her, especially when some of his office staff and patients start to die.

When you’re from opposite sides of the track, there’s only one thing that can bring you together. “Rappin“ n” Rhyming”! A group of inner-city kids with records are given a choice – go to jail or go to school. What seemed like an easy out from jail becomes a true test of will an character when the students are enrolled into a high class preparatory school. The tension between the delinquent and upper crust kids increase with every breath until they enter a poetry competition. With a newfound passion for writing, each team pushes their own pen and discovers each other’s strengths, differences, and loves when they fuse Rappin“ n” Rhyming together!

Both titles will feature Dolby Digital 5.1 audio tracks and will contain theatrical trailers, but will otherwise be featureless. Hopefully as York grows in size, they will be able to add more special edition content.

Both coming on January 22nd, “The Perfect Wife” and “Rappin“ n” Rhyming” will both carry a $14.99 suggested retail price.

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