Three new foreign films from Kino on Video

Kino on Video is preparing three foreign films for the first time on DVD. The French classic The Clockmaker, the war epic The Red and the White and the fable Life on a String.

Enlisting the help of two nouvelle vague critics, young French director Bertrand Tavernier adapted a classic Georges Simenon novel into “The Clockmaker”. In the French provinical capital of Lyons, Philippe Noiret plays a man whose life is suddenly turned upside down when his son is charged with murder. Noiret’s touching portrait of a man who maintains his quiet pride through tragic events is his debut as Tavernier’s “alter ego”.
A grand spectacle of war shot in stark black & white Cinemascope, Miklos Jancso’s “The Red and the White” shows the harrowing realities of war as the Bolshevik Red Army battles against the White counter-revolutionaries. Thought of as Jancso’s masterpiece, this film is an ultimate depiction of war’s inhumanity as it unfolds on the vast hills of Central Russia.

Finally, Chen Kaige brings us a beautiful fable on the meaning of life in “Life on a String”. Two blind men, old and young, master and apprentice, wander the earth for the pursuit of “sight” both physical and spiritual.

All three films are presented in widescreen with “The Red and the White” receiving a new anamorphic transfer. Each of the films is presented in its original language with optional English subtitles. No other features will be included.

On January 8th, all three titles will be available for $29.95 each.

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